Custom Homes: A custom home is all about you! It gives you everything you want, exactly how you want it. You have full control over what goes into your custom home, and you can express yourself through the design. Arrow Homes has a team of experts to help you turn your ideas, sketches, and wish lists into a reality. Let us help you design your dream home!

Light Commercial Projects: From small office spaces to motels, we find that wood frame construction still has a place in the commercial community. We would love to see how Arrow Homes can help take your business to new heights.

Lumber Yard and Panels: At Arrow Homes, we are a lumber yard. We keep a variety of materials in stock that we frequently use, and all the other material can be sourced through our network of wholesale vendors. This allows us to be a full-service lumber yard for builders.

We also provide builders with wall panels. We look forward to providing you with the materials or walls that you need for your next projects.


Complete Home: Experience the bliss of a complete home that is move-in ready from Arrow Homes. Our knowledgeable Sales and Design Consultants will expertly guide you through every step of selecting the perfect finishes, both inside and out. Arrow Homes will manage all aspects of construction to guarantee your dream home becomes reality.

Rough-In Home: Planning to build your dream home on your own? Worried about the daunting task of protecting it from the weather? Look no further than Arrow Homes, your go-to framing and exterior finish contractor. We specialize in the framing and siding of your home, saving you time, effort, and improving the quality of your home. Once we’ve completed the weather tight exterior and installed the interior walls, it’s up to you or your chosen contractors to add the finishing touches and transform the interior space to the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Package Home: Looking to build your dream home on your own? Our package includes top-quality panelized walls and materials, providing builders and DIY enthusiasts with everything they need to bring their vision to life. It’s important to note that our package focuses solely on the pre-built walls and specified materials outlined in your contract. We understand that every project is unique, so the materials may vary based on the specific requirements for your project. Rest assured, Arrow Homes guarantees the quantity of materials, ensuring you have everything you need to meet building codes and regulations. We’re more than just a supplier – we’re here to support you throughout the entire building process. Have questions or need assistance? Just ask! We’re delighted to help you every step of the way.

The biggest perk of this type of project for builders is the speed. You will be able to complete projects faster as the framing of the walls is already completed. We understand that efficiency is key in the construction industry. Let Arrow Homes set you up for success with your project!



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