Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a modular home builder?

No, we are a custom home builder. We design and build unique homes for each of our customers. We prebuild the walls in the shop and bring them out to the site, this process we call “Panelizing.”

Do you have your own crew, or do you hire subcontractors?

We have our own framing crews and a finish crew that do most of our jobs. Depending on if the job is a complete, rough-in, or package determines which of our crews will be used. We have a group of subcontractors that we use frequently for painting, concrete, plumbing, electrical, drywall, and insulation, ect.

Who is responsible for getting the necessary permits?

Arrow Homes gets some and You, the owner, gets others. Our salesmen will clarify which permits are required for you to get and when you need to have them by.

Who should I be communicating with during each phase of my project?

You should be directly communicating with your salesperson during the duration of your project. You may have conversations with our designers and project manager during the project, but if you have any problems or ideas to discuss, please contact the salesperson first.

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