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Sample Floorplans

The following home plans should give you some ideas in planning your dream home. Our home design and construction professionals can then help you customize these or your own plans to make your dream a reality.

The Bison   The Bison - 2,188 sq. ft.

The Timberwolf   The Timber Wolf - 2,094 sq. ft.

The Blackbear   The Black Bear - 2,007 sq. ft.

The Moose   The Moose - 1,975 sq. ft.

The Grizzly   The Grizzly - 1,954 sq. ft.

The Elk   The Elk - 1,859 sq. ft.

The Bobcat   The Bobcat - 1,792 sq. ft.

The Whitetail   The Whitetail - 1,771 sq. ft.

The Muledeer   The Mule Deer - 1,588 sq. ft.

The Wolverine   The Wolverine - 1,552 sq. ft.

The Antelope   The Antelope - 1,496 sq. ft.

The Whippoorwill   The Whippoorwill - 1,475 sq. ft.

The Fox   The Fox - 1,144 sq. ft.

The Prairie Chicken   The Prairie Chicken - 1,055 sq. ft.

The woodcock   The Woodcock - 992 sq. ft.